A Christmas Tale, 2015

So this is it, it’s finally here, Christmas 2018!…Christmas Day always reminds me of the classic John Lennon song: “So this is Christmas, and what have you done? Another year over, a new one’s just begun…” A beautiful song, full of hope and promise, and one we should all take to heart…

At home here in most of America, this is a blissful, joyous time, with a constant round of Christmas shopping and Christmas tree decorating and stringing of lights and wrapping of packages all finally over and done with…..(Like I always say, Thanksgiving is a sprint, Christmas is a marathon!)

Or for all the other peaceful religious observances that non Christians enjoy, as is their right and privilege, this is still that one special day of the year for everybody to celebrate, to live and let live, to enjoy what we have and bask and glow within the love of our families……..This is the true America…..

This is also the time for religious observances for all denominations, creeds and beliefs, and an affirmation of life, of love, of peace and harmony, the way it should be all the time…It is the the Christmas spirit that envelops us all at this time of year, and Christmas is especially for the children….You are truly blessed if you have a happy family and children to spend your Christmas holidays together with each other….




And yet, there is another, darker side of the world to ponder over as this year 2018 inexorably winds down to it’s inevitable conclusion…It’s been a wild and crazy year, with the media daily reporting constant radical fighting and bloodshed, mostly in the Mideast, but also in France, in Belgium and political/religious terrorists right here at home…These sad, pathetic, brain washed, alienated, vengeful extremists vainly sacrificing their lives trying to jam their version of radical righteousness down everybody’s throat under religious pretexts and concepts that have been outdated for a thousand years….



But are we really any better in this country? You have the ignorant racist rhetoric of a Donald Trump, always shooting his mouth off to promote himself and get people to pay attention to him…You have the entire Republican party held hostage by the 1% like the fascist Koch brothers and their obscene wealth who make insanely rich campaign contributions funneled into the Super Pacs, so they can literally buy politicians to espouse their own racist, sexist, homophobic fossilized concepts and promote their own brand of out dated reality…

To the 1%, the rest of the world does not matter…They are so rich and so insulated behind their castles of money, power, affluence and influence, living in their ivory towers of pride and prejudice, they are almost untouchable, and they are making a concerted attempt to hijack our country and the democratic, egalitarian ideals it was founded upon….They want to seize even more power to become even more disgustingly rich, while they deny the very existence of global warming and the destruction of the planet’s atmosphere….

They deny global warming even in the face of factual evidence that it is going to be warmer in New York than California this year, for their own greedy profits….They buy and elect Republican candidates who are their mouthpieces, who wage war on women, who want to roll the clock back over a hundred years where women had no rights at all and gay people were persecuted and pilloried for their sexual orientation…

They support the NRA and the gun lobby so there are thousands more guns in the street than ever before, so every crackpot with a chip on their shoulder can buy a gun legally and go off on a murderous spree killing innocent people over the slightest pretext or imagined insult or half baked political cause….

And what do they get out of this? They get even more wealthy, they thrill to the seductive sway of power, like the mad Gollum in the Lord of the Rings, blind to the injustice, the hatred, the negative energy their viewpoints engender, isolated and alone in their dark and evil land of Mordor/Murder….



Separated at birth? Could there really have been THREE Koch brothers?

They have been seduced by evil, and they do not even recognize it, or worse, they do not care, they relish it, they enjoy it, they exult in it….They continue with their archaic mind set of capitalism out of control rhetoric and actions that lead us to plunder the Middle East for their oil reserves to prop up the auto and energy industries, even though they must know there is a finite amount of fossilized fuel in the world, and that inevitably we will have to switch to alternate energy sources anyway…….

They cannot conceive of a world where oil is worthless, because the truth is we have no business in the Middle East in the first place, and if it wasn’t for their insatiable demand for oil we could leave those religious fanatics and zealots alone to fight their tribal jihads and internecine warfare without involving and endangering American lives….It is sad, but it is really none of our business…The entire history of the world is about religious fanatics and power hungry politicians destroying the other side, the ones that do not agree with them…

The 1% could erase the national debt, eradicate poverty and hunger in the United States, and contribute to the fight against global warming to crack down on carbon dioxide emissions and clean up the entire planet’s atmosphere with the money they already have, and still have enough left over to live their uber rich, wealthy lifestyles!…

But we all know they won’t, because the great majority of them are blinded by their own wealth, seduced by their own power, and they truly believe they are superior to the rest of humanity because their grandfathers and other family members were the original robber barons who exploited and tyrannized the poor to begin with in the beginning of the Industrial Revolution…

The few socially conscious rich people who are trying to do good with the money they have been gifted with, like the Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Ted Turner’s etc. of the super wealthy, are criticized and ostracized by the majority of the 1% as traitors to their class….

For the 1% to admit to the guilt and shame that is their only rightful due would be to repudiate their entire rapacious, ruthless existence; it would expose the false sense of hubris and mad lust for power and greed that it engenders, that fuels their dark, empty souls and hollow, pitiful hearts….For them to try and make things right at this stage of the game would be virtually impossible, because they would have to look in the mirror and confess to themselves what lying, cheating, evil people they really are, and have been all their miserable lonely lives…

So this is Christmas, 2015…If you are blessed enough to have a home and a family and children to enjoy your holiday, you are indeed richer than any of the 1% could ever imagine…The Christmas spirit is about love and peace and giving and sharing, and if you have these in your life, you are infinitely richer than any of the vain and shallow 1% could ever imagine or dare to dream…This is what Christmas is all about!

gollum3 familyxmasgollum8familyxmas


PHOTO 4: Better late than never (l-r): Alyssa Roman, 13, and Christina Pagan, 11, celebrate Christmas late in the evening of December 27.--Photo by David Greene


gollum22familyxmaspets640-02953172 © Masterfile Royalty Free Model Release: Yes Property Release: No two children opening gifts on christmas morning


Merry Christmas, everybody! Peace out, God bless you all, and enjoy Christmas 2015…


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