Animals Are People Too!

Sometimes I get so angry at people who abuse their animals, their pets, who take out their frustrations on their pets, while these pets literally live and die for them, especially dogs…Although I am primarily a cat lover, and am still grieving over the loss of my constant cat companion of the last 16 years, my daughter has 2 dogs and I also love them dearly, either taking them for a walk or just feeding them or hanging out with them, lounging around the house, watching TV etc….

Dogs especially are fiercely loyal and protective and enjoy the attention and love given them by their owners…If you give a dog or cat love and affection, they will reciprocate endlessly….They are defenseless against human abuse, and will just take it and cry….It is senseless, mindless violence….A dog can serve as the best burglar alarm ever, most burglars will move on to another victim if they hear dogs barking loudly as they skulk around looking for more opportune targets….



Dogs are loyal onto death and will defend their owners fearlessly with their own lives without a seconds hesitation….Dogs and cats have a consciousness, an empathy, a mental bond with their owners that cannot ever be shaken or broken…Just because they cannot speak does not mean they can’t think, have emotions, or communicate…They do all of these things, with each other and with their owners, which is why I don’t get the casual abuse or mistreatment of animals by their owners…After all, animals are people too!

I feel very strongly about this; so much so that often I prefer the company of animals to people….Animals are always loyal and do not want to rob you to steal your money or your car, terrorize you and make you feel miserable like some bosses at work do, start endless senseless arguments over nothing, or start fights and get even with you for some imagined slights….They do not do drive by revenge shootings, carjackings, kidnappings, muggings or burglaries or want to kill you over a romantic rival…Animals are not liars, they either like you or they don’t, and it all depends on how you treat them…




If you treat an animal, a pet in your home the right way, they will reward you in a thousand different ways, every day of their lives…They will respond in kind, and be eager to see you when you get home, and openly display their love and affection for you…They love to be fed and petted and cared for by you, they will respond to the level of affection you give them…Being kind to animals makes you feel good, and is a good example for children on how to treat other beings, because animals are people too!

They provide an oasis of calm in a world gone mad, they are anchors of emotional stability when you are going through grief stricken times, they keep you company in those lonely times when you are alone and adrift, they will sleep with you in your bed at night and trust you not to roll over on top of them, and if you do they will just move away….They are kind, gentle and noble, and they never cheat or lie to you, which automatically makes them more moral than many people…

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So feeling as strongly as I do about animals, I was especially shocked and horrified to hear a report from Peta about a new industry in China, where mostly dogs and some cats as well, are now being slaughtered and skinned for their fur, to make them into gloves for fashionable ladies and work gloves for men to wear!

OMG! After all the strides we have made against making fur coats unfashionable and their wearers objects of shame and ridicule, now we have a new industry devoted to the wholesale slaughter of dogs for their skins! According to my Google sources:

“Dogs are skinned alive, bludgeoned and tortured for China’s flourishing leather trade, an animal rights group has claimed. Up to 200  dogs a day are killed in factories in the most inhumane ways imaginable, according to animal welfare charity PETA.

And the leather goods the dog hides are used for may have found their way to the British high street due to the fact that China exports en masse all over the world, the group has also warned. The PETA investigation has looked at the province of Jiangsu, which now has a burgeoning dog leather trade. PETA has obtained footage showing workers grabbing terrified dogs with a metal noose, clubbing them then slitting their throats. The animals’ skin is then cut off, and PETA’s Asian investigator claims to have seen workers peel the skin off dogs who were still alive.

PETA claims that dog skin was turned into women’s fashion gloves, men’s work gloves and other products that are exported globally. Although the dog-meat industry in China is well known, this is the first time that the production of Chinese dog leather has been captured on camera.

PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk said: “Now that so many mass-market retailers are importing cheap leather from China, who can tell if that trim or those leather gloves or wallets are made out of dog skin or not?”

“PETA is calling on shoppers worldwide to remember the terror that dogs and other animals endure at and make the safe, vegan choice in clothing and accessories for the holidays and every day. “When there are so many cruelty-free, environmentally friendly fabrics available, from high-street to high-end, there is no reason for dogs, cats, cows, sheep, pigs, goats or other animals to suffer for the sake of fashion.”

I must warn you, if you are squeamish, or have small impressionable children around,please skip this next batch of pictures of dogs being slaughtered in China for their skins to make gloves, as it is not pretty…




We have long ago evolved from the cave man days when animal skins were necessary for survival…This dog massacre in China can be easily stopped by refusing to buy gloves or wallets made in China…. A simple boycott, a general spread of this new trend, a raising of people’s consciousness and awareness of this cruel, inhumane and totally unnecessary industry of death and the laws of supply and demand will take over…When people stop buying these dog skin gloves or wallets from China, the market will dry up and the slaughter will stop…

I am a conservative, not a knee jerk liberal bleeding heart, but some things are just beyond the pale…I am not a vegetarian because I believe people are naturally omnivorous, and that nature made us that way for a reason….I understand some animals are raised solely as food for human consumption, and I am OK with that…

But I strongly oppose the sickening, totally unnecessary slaughter of innocent dogs just for the sake of the fashion industry when there are so many synthetic materials around…It is a crime, a shame, and a disgrace, and it must be stopped, just like the trend of wearing fur coats has been stopped…

Dogs and cats are special, and they have traits that dumb farm animals do not have….I guess I consider dogs (and cats too) to be of a higher order of animal than cows or chickens or sheep, to be praised and loved as pets for the qualities of love, loyalty and devotion they posses over all the other animals in the world….There is no need for this inhumane treatment of dogs in China, it should and must be stopped as soon as possible….

Just remember, in their own special unique way, animals are people too!

For more information about Dogs Bludgeoned and Killed in Leather Industry,…

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