I feel like I am trapped in a time warp, like I am wrapped in a soap bubble, bouncing and drifting through my life…Things happen around me, but not directly to me….Things happen to other people, friends, acquaintances, but not to me…Things happen, I can see them, but I can’t feel them…I am caught in a time warp….The only part of the outside world that makes sense to me is the world of sports; I am an avid baseball, football and basketball watcher, especially of my beloved San Francisco Giants…

I can’t remember the last time I watched the news on TV, I am cut off from the media by choice, the happenings and happenstance of the outside world is beyond my ken, I have no interest in what other people around the world or even in the city are doing…Every day is a new disaster, a new crisis, a new outrage and the TV reporters, the talking heads are all so eager to report the most sensational stories in carefully timed sound bites, so eager to titillate the public and advance their own careers……I feel like I am in a permanent, profound disconnect…


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And yet somehow the world lurches and staggers on, crisis after crisis, disaster after disaster, crooked politicians selling their souls to the 1% who are already damned, walking, talking willing servants themselves of Mammon and their own corporate greed….And people like Fox news spread the new propaganda as eagerly and diligently as Dr. Goebbels, Hitler’s Minister of Information, did in the Nazi era of WW II…These people, this 1% are straight up fascists, but they are insulated and protected by their spin doctors and corporate apologists and bought and paid for politicians….

I mean, really, how much money do these people need to be satisfied, how much destruction of the biosphere are they willing to promote with their greenhouse gas emissions, their toxic waste dumping into the oceans, their destruction of the world wide food chain and the very air we breathe to become even more wealthier than the obscene rich fascist plutocrats that they already are?

I guess they will never be satisfied, and that is just a fact of life…The 1% own no loyalty to anybody but themselves and never will…They are the true criminals of the world, international criminals, and while they rob people of billions in their crooked business deals and shady manipulations and machinations, they walk away laughing at how gullible people are…. They elect politicians who promise to “get tough on crime,” while THEY are the true criminals, responsible for the death and poverty of people all over the world, as well as the destruction of all the planet’s resources…..

I think this is why I feel so numb, because the American people are so dumb they continue to allow this fascist 1% to rape and pillage the planet in an unprecedented wave of criminal activity unparalleled in the history of the world…They even have duped the people in the so called “red states” that they are the only hope for America, they have convinced these gullible Americans to actually support and assist in their own destruction!

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I am an avid student of history, but never have I read anywhere of a society where the people willingly participate in their own destruction at the beck and call of the 1% and their evil political minions like what we are seeing in America today…The 1% are almost always older white men who have inherited billions from their robber baron grandparents and have continued the family practice of ripping off the poor, the minorities, the old and infirm, just because they can, just to amass even more wealth they will never be able to spend anyway…

There are so many real problems in America today, joblessness, crime, poverty, people starving in the land of plenty, people forced to commit crimes just to survive…The 1% have built a wall around themselves and they are impervious to any retribution, as least so far…I am sure they are laughing all the way to the bank at the ignorance and blind acceptance of their corporate lies by the American public…..

They have managed to pit one segment of American society against the other, they have managed to fracture our once proud society of individuals into suspicious, paranoid camps of people supporting their own special interests,they have set the poor to fight against the poor and the rich bastards at the top, the 1% laugh at the stupidity of the average American who swallows their corporate lies…

The 1% have managed to split the country into red and blue states, a severe and perhaps unbridgeable clash of cultures and resources the likes of which we have not witnessed since the Civil War…The soul of the nation is at stake in the upcoming elections, yet the state of apathy and indifference amongst he American electorate has never been higher….

The Republican party has literally sold their souls to the 1% in order to get elected, and they gleefully spread the lies and propaganda their masters and handlers have ordered them to do….The tea party extremists are so fundamentally right wing, blind to all but their tunnel vision of the world, they cannot even agree with the majority of the already bought and paid for majority of the Republicans…



The Democrats are the only possible hope for this country, and BTW I am an independent voter, a conservative, not a knee jerk so called “bleeding heart” liberal, yet they squabble and quarrel amongst themselves for exclusionary power struggles that prevent them from presenting a united front against the pure evil of the dark lords of Mordor, the 1% and their evil, drooling Orc minions…

I hope that I am wrong, that Americans can actually see when we are being bamboozled, hustled, lied to and played for fools by the 1%…I hope that come election time some semblance of normalcy can be restored, and that the rotten to their corrupt core 1% are exposed and pulled down from their ivory towers of wealth, power, and influence by a Democratic victory…

I do not care who the Democrats nominate, they are our only chance against the unmitigated gall, greed and pure evil the 1% have purchased with their republican slate of candidates….I will vote for any Democrat who gets the nomination because I feel this is perhaps our last chance to reverse the disaster course the fascist 1% have set us on….Vote America, vote for the democrats, vote against the evil….

I feel like I am trapped in a time warp, like I am wrapped in a soap bubble, bouncing and drifting through my life…Things happen around me, but not directly to me….Things happen to other people, friends, acquaintances, but not to me…Things happen, I can see them, but I can’t feel them…I am caught in a time warp….

Help me escape from my glazed entrapment in my soap bubble, help YOURSELVES to get the jackboots of the 1% off of your back…The future of America is up to you; don’t sell yourself short, don’t sell out, don’t be conned and hustled…Stand up for your rights while you still can!

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