Loyalty Is A Two Way Street/The Path To True Intimacy

Loyalty is a two way street….How can I trust you if you don’t trust me? How can I count on you if you don’t count on me? If I’ve got Your back, you need to have mine too…That’s just the way it is, in relationships of all kinds, especially personal, romantic relationships…Mutual loyalty and trust are not only essential components of a successful romantic relationship, but also the refuge and reward of being in a true loving relationship in the first place….

The world can be and often is a treacherous, scary, threatening, hostile place, and you need at least one person that you can totally trust to be loyal to you, whether you are right or wrong, especially and most importantly your significant other….I recently posted a blog here on Word Press on “Loyalty in the Year 2015” and would like to expound on it here further….Loyalty is an emotion, not a commodity; you can buy allegiance, but never true loyalty…



After all, just getting to work in the morning is an ordeal, with the morning commute a real obstacle course, with all the half asleep people running red lights and stop signs while they play with their cell phones or put on their makeup or play with their music systems…

And once you arrive in work world, hopefully in one piece, you can cheerfully look forward to a whole 8 hours plus of people backstabbing you, talking trash about you, cutting you down, putting you down, ordering you around; and that’s just a typical day!….

Of course that is the typical corporate office environment, and the nature of the people you work with is by definition a transitory one, here today and gone tomorrow…Your co-workers are usually all job hoppers and resume’ padders, and usually only “like” you and act like they are your office friends if they think you can be useful to them…

They are doing it to advance their own careers, of course, but at your expense, and if you can really trust any of them, or actually be friends with them, it’s a rare experience, because everything in work world is about expediency and self promotion…….



Even then, heaven help you all if the big boss, the head honcho, is in a bad mood on any given day, because his negative energy will all flow downhill from his lordly eminence high upon his work throne to his subordinates, who are your supervisors, and will trickle all the way down to you….

Whew! What a relief to get out of that hell hole of work world and head home, but of course again you have the evening commute to deal with, and do you really trust that guy drinking something concealed in a brown paper bag to stop at that red light?

Finally you get home, to your sanctuary, your castle, your safe place and meet and greet your significant other, who has gone through probably the same experiences in a slightly altered version as you have….If you have kids at home, especially young ones, they take up a lot of time but at least you know they are totally, fiercely loyal to you… Your kids trust you, they look up to you and you love them and it makes all the work world hassle worthwhile….

loyalty40Family Eating An Al Fresco Meal


But whether you have kids or not, whether you are in a traditional marriage or living together, you need to set aside a certain amount of time for your significant other, each and every day, to compare notes, to see how their day went, to relax in their arms, to get hugs and kisses and affirmations of love, trust and loyalty from them, and they expect and deserve the same from you…..This is the one area of life where you need, expect and should receive total loyalty from your significant other…Each and every day….




I don’t understand people who run around or cheat on their mates, the world is too crazy and life is too short for all that extra stimulation and danger…If you simply are not compatible, you can always break up and hope to find someone new, but while you are in a romantic relationship your significant other should be the whole focus of your attention…

I know, I know, there are always bills to pay, home repairs to make, chores that need to be done, disturbances outside your door, but you should always try to set aside some “alone time” for you and your significant other….Excuses are cheap and easy to come by, but avoiding intimacy only hurts you and damages the relationship, sometimes beyond repair, in the long run anyway…

The joys of being with someone you love, someone that you trust implicitly, secure in the knowledge that they are totally loyal to you and the relationship you share together is one of the best feelings in the world, one of the most noble emotions people are capable of having…True loyalty makes life worth living, without we are incomplete, dissatisfied, alone and miserable….

True loyalty is not a given, it has to be earned, in a thousand different ways, over a period of time, but true loyalty will withstand the test of time…

Trust is of course an essential component of loyalty, but the feeling that you get as a shared unit, a couple, is such a gratifying and worthwhile emotion that it is all worth it in the end….True loyalty knows no boundaries…. I would gladly lie, cheat or steal to remain loyal to my significant other, and hope that they feel the same way about me, without it ever having to come down to that, of course….

There is no love without trust and total loyalty…. And without love life is simply not worth living…

But always remember, loyalty is a two way street….

Just leave it like it is right now

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