The Arrogance Of Ignorance





Don’t you just LOVE arrogant, ignorant, pompous people? I am being sarcastic here, of course, I am talking about the kind of people that truly believe they have some inherent superiority over the rest of us…. The kind of people who have an over inflated sense of their own self importance, a twisted and grotesque sense of a monumental inverted proportion of their own true value, not substantiated by any valid methods of reference that measure their true value as human beings.

They are truly oblivious of the emptiness and ignorance of their arrogance, and move through life thinking that they, and only they, have all the answers to every question, that they always know immediately and unfailingly what is right and what is wrong in every situation and whatever topic, and that they are God’s unquestioned gift to humanity…

They huff and they puff and they swagger through life and expect everybody to get out of their way….Because after all, their business is infinitely more important than anything we mere inferior sorts could possibly be up to….

I have no idea where they originally get these notions imbedded into their empty little bubble heads, this false sense of superiority, but I have seen them everywhere, in fact I see them every single day, in all walks of life, and they never fail to amuse me….

They seem to think that everybody else on the planet is inferior to them, and that they are somehow, someway, for some mysterious reasons known only to them, are superior to all other kinds of people….

This innate arrogance is not restricted to any particular race, creed or religion, but these world class buffoons are secure in their assumed self righteousness…They are always right, just ask them, and if you disagree with them, you must obviously be wrong…Just because, for them to EVER be wrong is simply unthinkable!….

What a joke! Rich people, and of course especially the disgustingly greedy and rapacious 1% I think are the very worst of this lot, somehow they assume that having money in the bank, whether they actually earned it by their own effort or not, whether they inherited it, or stole it in some shady business deal, or maybe even won the lottery, somehow gives them a clear cut superiority over everybody else, and these are the biggest fools of them all!

They just cannot, or will not, see how empty their lives must be to think this way…If money is what makes them superior, whatever would they do if they lost their money? Oh horrors! It would be “The End of the World As They Know It” to paraphrase one of my favorite R.E.M songs… And that much is certainly true, because for them, it would be….

But how can they not see how hollow and empty an illusion having money is in the first place? What they have is a row of numbers in their bank account that could be easily wiped away by some computer glitch or cyber hackers in an instant, not to mention stock market crashes, investment scandals or real estate deals gone “underwater” that have all occurred recently…..

My question is, how does that make them innately superior to you or me, in any true sense of the word? And really, what good is money in the end? There is an old saying, “You can’t take it with you” and a more modern application along the same lines: “Steve Jobs (The Apple inventor) is the richest man in the graveyard.”




There is another group of people apparently laboring under the delusion that the old English class system or the East Indian caste system is still in effect, that they are somehow born into an imagined “nobility” which no longer exists…

These are the people who “put on airs,” who regard people who actually work and sweat for their hard earned dollars as literally beneath them, that we are of a lesser species of humanity, the “servant class” and that the rest of us exist only to make these pompous snob’s lives easier and to be able to run more smoothly…..

I have some knowledge of where I speak about rich people, because for 20 years I worked as a truck driver delivering supplies for caterers to rich people’s houses for parties and social galas, Opera Season Openings, Art Museums and Exhibits and Art Galleries, the latest hippest trendy new restaurants etc…

I have literally seen more of the “Life Styles of the Rich and Famous” than Robin Leach, up close and personal, the mansions and the staff of servants that enable them to live out their empty, pretentious lives in grace, ease and comfort….They treat their servants as invisible, like they were part of the furniture, and as a truck driver delivering tables, chairs silverware, tablecloths for the next round of some social season or event, i got the same “invisible’”treatment…

Talk about a fly on the wall, ha ha…As if their “servants,” the “hired help” didn’t eavesdrop on every word, gossip and laugh at them behind their backs, make jokes about all their petty foibles and grandiose airs, when they were at home with their own friends and families!

Sometimes I even heard them fighting and screaming at each other, just like the common folk they so blithely assumed they were superior to, and I am sure all their infidelities and dirty linen are just as sordid, probably more so, than the staff people they ostensible feel so superior to on a daily basis…

Another group of pompous, self important people, besides the rich people or the class oriented snobs that never fail to amuse amuse me are what I term the “Health Nazi’s.” These are the ones that are so sure of their inherent brilliance and steeped in their own suffocating mantle of self righteousness that they dare to assume the right to tell other people what they can and cannot do in the privacy of their own homes! As though they had some divine right to tell people not to smoke cigarets, not to drink, not to do anything that they personally disapprove of!

What a crock! These hypocrites can indulge in the most expensive, trendy wines from the Napa Valley and dare to tell Joe six pack he shouldn’t drink, they can smoke in their own homes but want to pass legislation forbidding less economically fortunate people that they can’t smoke in their own rented apartments, that they can hide behind antiquated tax codes and loopholes and still preach that the average worker should pay “his fair share of taxes!”

I guess in the end it is a moot point, though, because all these pompous people, be they rich captains of industry, class conscious snobs or elitist health Nazi’s are all missing the main point…In a 100 years, we will all be dead, and not even their illusions of grandeur or innate belief in their own inherent superiority can spare them from the hands of time and the scythe of the Grim Reaper…

In the meantime, let the rest of us, the vast majority of Americans, the hard working, decent, gracious, but economically poor, hard-working class people who believe in family and loyalty and love as the real cornerstones of life on this planet, let us stop a minute and consider our own good fortune….

Let us raise a glass and toast the wickedly delicious comedy and rich irony of daily observing the pompous people as they grumble and shuffle their way through life, noses up in the air, so self complacent and self absorbed in their assumed holier than thou attitudes….

I think the Rolling Stones sang it so eloquently in “Salt of the Earth”: “Let’s drink to the hard working people, Let’s drink to the lowly of birth, Raise your glass to the good and the evil, Let’s drink to the salt of the earth.” I think that says it all….

After all, there are none so blind as those that choose not to see…

Just leave it like it is right now

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