Health Nazi’s/Fascist Nanny Government

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Passive smoking doesn’t give you lung cancer. So says a new report publicised by the American Cancer Institute which will come as no surprise whatsoever to anyone with a shred of integrity who has looked into smoking1_2380891bthe origins of the great “environmental tobacco smoke” meme.

Something that really bothers me lately, I don’t know if anybody else has noticed, but it’s the trend toward “Nanny Government” in our daily lives, the intrusion into our own personal liberty, the government seems all too willing to try to regulate and control every detail of our own private lives…..Specifically I’m really ticked off by certain people, as exemplified by all these modern day Health Nazi’s that try to tell you to do what they think is right, because it is what they do, and since they think they are perfect, it must therefore be right for you too… …

For instance, everybody is so down on smoking cigarets these days, that is all you hear on tv, second hand smoke kills, 1 out of every 2 people who do smoke will develop lung cancer etc etc etc…..Or so they claim….I have personally smoked cigarets for almost 50 years and have NEVER had any complications, and i have read that there are many people who develop lung cancer who have never even touched a cigaret in their lives….

I personally believe it is all in the genes, and that stress alone causes cancer…When I was raised up in the 1950’s and 1960’s nearly everybody smoked, in the office, in their cars, on buses, in movie theaters, restaurants and ball parks and most especially in the privacy of their own homes…. And for the record, I gave up smoking close to a year ago, but only because I wanted to, not because of the health Nazi propaganda…. I simply outgrew the habit, just like drinking or any other drugs that I have experimented with in my life…

By the way, why don’t we ever hear, or have an equal amount of negative PR about drinking alcohol? Is the liquor lobby really that much stronger than the tobacco lobbyists? From my own life experience, I have seen way more people ruin their lives or at least get into trouble with the law because of drinking, where are all these holier than thou health Nazis who are so down on smoking when it comes to liquor consumption?

I have never heard of a cigaret smoker who got into multiple fatal car accidents or come home and routinely beat their wife and kids and pets because they couldn’t light up a cigaret, but the incredible amount of these horrible incidents caused by alcohol is truly staggering….Ask the CHP in your state…..Alcohol is definitely hazardous to your health…..

I just can’t STAND these self righteous people who try to cram their cozy little simplified suburban lifestyles, all the loose strings tied neatly in a bow, their sanitized version of reality down my throat! Everybody has a right to an opinion, of course, but they should keep it to themselves….You live your life, and I will live mine….

Nothing is guaranteed in this life anyway, and in a 100 years we will all be dead anyway…. Do these health Nazis really think I care about THEIR health? I don’t, for the record…. They should mind their own business…You live your own life and let me live my own life in peace, and I will try to get by without thinking too much about your cozy access to legislators that can pass laws regulating my personal behavior, and the wealth that allows you to be the bully boys of modern day America….

It’s not like smoking is the only problem we have in America, we cannot even control our own economy, feed our own starving people or get jobs for those who are looking for jobs, so why don’t we just start right there, with the economy?….Desperate people who can’t find work to support their families, or pay their rent etc are WAY more important, and are in more real life danger than possible potential victims of second  hand smoke…

I notice too that almost invariably these anti smoking health Nazis are all white, rich snobby people who think they are born entitled and will live forever….If they were really interested in helping people, they would address these other very real, life and death issues most people have to confront on a daily basis instead of trying to ram their oh so neat and tidy lifestyles down our throats…

I am not saying smoking is a good thing, because it is not, tobacco is a drug, but it should not be our #1 priority in this country, I mean we have REAL problems with drugs, violent crime, poverty, malnutrition, homelessness etc to deal with….

Back when my mom was pregnant with me, the doctors way back then in 1946 actually prescribed cigarets for expectant mothers to calm them down, so maybe I was born addicted to cigarets, I don’t know, I never started smoking till I was 20 anyway…. I get a physical every year and so far so good, no lung cancer for me, and I think all this namby pamby nanny government propaganda telling us what to do for our own good is way more dangerous in it’s presumptive intrusion into our private lives than any possible health benefits to be gained….

This is fascism, plain and simple…and a historical note to all you health Nazi’s: Your model leader, Adolph Hitler, the most famous fascist of them all, did not smoke cigarets either, just like you….. In fact, more food for thought for all you “politically correct” snobs out there, historical facts:

Hitler also was a rigid teetotaler, a non drinker who hated alcohol and a strict vegetarian besides, so consider that fact when you are sitting in your hot tubs and drinking your martinis or sipping your fine wines tonight and thinking how you can best interfere in other peoples lives…. What a role model you have chosen!….Apparently your own lives are so perfect, so hassle free and in every way the very epitome of absolute purity and self righteousness that you feel such an urgent need to worry so much about other peoples lives…Live and let live!

I mean, like I said, when I was a kid you could smoke in restaurants, airplanes, at work, on the bus and especially in bars, now they won’t even let you smoke in your apartment if they choose to write the lease up that way! Of course, if you are rich enough to afford your own home, nobody can tell you what to do, more economic discrimination….

We are moving towards  a fascist mentality in this country with these self styled “superior” holier than thou people telling us what is best for us to do, when really it is a power grab to make everything better for them…Because they won’t stop with cigarets, I have heard that in NYC they have passed a law that forbids people to even smoke in their own cars! Now, I never smoke in my present car, but again, that is 100% my own choice, not a legal transgression, and that’s the way it should be….


2 year old removed from home becauseImage of soldiers enforcing nazi govt

parents “smoke too much”


I also heard that the governor of NY has banned 64 ounce sodas! OMG! Like you can’t buy two 32 ounce sodas? Now there is another real health menace, obesity, but still, do we really need the government to intrude on our lives to this extent when all the crime is still out there in the street, and most of it is alcohol fueled? Why doesn’t the government address the real issues of violent crime? Why doesn’t the government crack down on real health issues, like muggings and rapes and drive by shootings?…Perhaps because that never happens in YOUR safe neighborhoods?….Stop the nanny government! Stop the health Nazis!….. MYOB…Mind Your Own Business!…..

If there is one thing I cannot stand it is these health Nazis with their own murky agendas to push, and I frankly don’t trust any of them….I go back to my original point, why don’t they crack down on liquor? BECAUSE it is exactly the same wealthy white people who LOVE to drink in their rich suburban homes that ARE the health Nazis, and they have the smug, superior attitude, do as I say, not as I do….

Their attitude is that I am richer than you, therefore I am better than you, therefore I know what is best for you….Well screw them, we could all die at any moment, I am not going to worry about it, there is an old saying, “que sera sera.”…What will be, will be…

Stop the nanny government, stop the health Nazis! M.Y.O.B!…Mind Your Own Business! This is still America, and i do not need some jackass privileged wealthy person telling me what to do in the privacy of my own home…Tolerance is part of our American way of life, it is in the Constitution…In other words, since these health Nazis are so smugly certain with their self righteousness, good for them, live your own life your own way in your oh so wonderful suburban enclaves…

Just don’t try to tell ME to live my life by your standards…. I totally and completely reject your presumption of authority, your arrogant assumption that you have all the answers in life, and that you know what is best for me….Or anybody else…..I strongly resent and reject your intrusion into my personal life and my choice of lifestyle…..Nobody, including yourselves, health Nazis, are immune from Death, the great democratic leveler….

So drink up, in fact as AC/DC sings, “Have a Drink on Me” …..Go ahead and enjoy your rich and privileged lifestyles, if you feel the need to play God, if in fact you are truly concerned about bettering the life styles of other people, address the real problems of crime, poverty, starvation, homelessness and joblessness in this country…Just stay out of my life and quit trying to ram your personal fascist beliefs about what I do in my own home, behind closed doors, down my throat…It’s really none of your business

To be more clear, just …..LEAVE ME ALONE!

Just leave it like it is right now

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